Resilience – The Science

Here, is a review of the literature on psychological and biological findings on resilience. “Secure attachment, experiencing positive emotions and having a purpose in life are three important psychological building blocks of resilience” leading to “successful adaptation and swift recovery after experiencing life adversities.”

Here, 48 randomized diet comparison trials were analyzed demonstrating the centrality of adherence to diet interventions and therefore resilience. Supporting the importance of resilience, the consistent finding was that weight loss and health benefits were not determined by what diet subjects were randomized to but instead success was determined by the degree of adherence to the whichever diet they were randomized to.

Here, a study aimed to compare the cognitive and behavioural strategies employed to overcome “lapses” and prevent “relapse” by people who had regained weight or maintained weight-loss after participating in a weight management program. Maintainers employed self-regulation techniques, anticipated potential lapses and made plans to compensate for these. The authors concluded that “Monitoring, planning and managing interpersonal relationships appeared to be crucial strategies for overcoming “lapses” and preventing “relapse” after participating in a weight management program.

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